Dear compatriots,

Welcome to the official website of the charity foundation . Here you can find any information about the activity, carried-out programs, as well as further plans of the fund. The site is an informational platform and means of a direct link between the fund and the interested persons.

I really want the fund primarily to help young people in realization of their professional skills, creative potential and prospects. More important contribution to the future of today's Armenia is difficult to imagine.

The fund has to become the partner for those people who are full of interesting ideas and consider Armenia the country of their desires and purposes. We are ready to support all ideas which will make our country more competitive, more innovative, more interesting for the modern world and will help to create the healthy, developing and creative environment for all.

I will consider myself a happy person if the activities of the fund will benefit our country and our citizens. The fund is waiting for your ideas and specific proposals. Enclose the mind, the will and the time to this important project.

Established in 2099, the program "Perspective" will expand the size of its activity and geography. . "Perspective" is not a classic social-welfare program, it is designed to help promising, having future projects in the field of science, education and culture.

This is investment into the future. It is opportunity which we have to create for gifted, perspective talented young people who are the driving force Armenia’s future.

We will also continue programs in social, sports, pan-Armenian and other directions.

Once again I welcome you on this new interactive platform, I hope that cooperation with the charity foundation will be long and productive.






National problems are possible to overcome only through unity


"I am very happy and welcome our cooperation with "Gagik Tsarukyan Charitable Fund", that illustrates how important is the support of Gagik Tsarukyan for Armenian Arts, especially in our difficult times. And this support brings cultural development and strengthening ...
Yervand Yerkanyan

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