The development of national sport always was and is a priority question for Gagik Tsarukyan. In 2004 after becoming the president of National Olympic Committee of Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan began to implement radical reforms in all directions in which the charity foundation also had participation. During a short period of time dozens of training bases were repaired in Yerevan and in regions of the country. Large-scale construction and repair work of sport schools over all country has begun a few years ago and continue to this day. After mounting of sports schools in Sisian and Hrazdan conforming to international standards, began the construction of State sports college of Olympic reserve in Gyumri which already comes to an end. When the internal works are finished the second city of the state will have absolutely new sport base corresponding to high international standards. As promised Gagik Tsarukyan this year the school where the World and European champion Arthur Aleksanyan trains will be fully reconstructed. The school at which the world and Europe champion Artur Aleksanyan trains will be reconstructed. Thanks to sponsorship of the president of ANOC the State sports college of the Olympic reserve will be also modernized. The purpose is one to make everything for disclosure of talented athletes who will raise the Armenian flag at the international prestigious competitions.

The charity foundation sponsored many sporting events. One of the largest was successfully realized in the summer of 2013. From July 27 to August 3, the 9th Pan-Homenetmen games were held in Yerevan with the honorable presidency of ANOC President, Gagik Tsarukyan. Within one week more than 650 athletes from 18 countries competed in 8 sports. The main goal of these Pan-Armenian games is not only the sport, and the strengthening of ties between the Motherland and Diaspora. Gagik Tsarukyan has a big contribution in it. He has promised always to support any Pan-Armenian project.

At the initiative and sponsoring of NOC president in the administrative district of Yerevan, in Davtashen, rapidly is being built an Olympic village the most part of which has already been completed.

 The Olympic village in size 7500km has gyms for wrestling, judo, taekwondo, boxing, weightlifting and sports game species. The staff of National Olympic Committee of Armenia will move to the Olympic village from the address Abovyan 9.

Our athletes have been already convinced that bringing medals from World and European championships, the president of NOC properly estimates their achievement. Our prize-winners receive big gratuities from Gagik Tsarukyan. For example, World champions Tigran Martirosyan, Nazik Avdalyan and the silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games Arsen Dzhulfalakyan received as a gift apartments in Yerevan from Gagik Tsarukyan. Actually, it is not simply an assessment of the done work, but also additional reason for our athletes to strive to new heights.


National problems are possible to overcome only through unity


"I am very happy and welcome our cooperation with "Gagik Tsarukyan Charitable Fund", that illustrates how important is the support of Gagik Tsarukyan for Armenian Arts, especially in our difficult times. And this support brings cultural development and strengthening ...
Yervand Yerkanyan

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