Pan-Armenian projects

One of the priorities of the Foundation "Gagik Tsarukyan" is the implementation of pan-Armenian projects. Considering the importance of strengthening ties between the Motherland and the Diaspora, in recent years, the Fund has financed a number of large-scale projects, which are aimed at preserving the Armenian culture and strengthening national unity. One of the major events held by sponsorship of the fund were the 9th Pan-Homenetmen  games held from July 27 to August 3, 2013 in Yerevan.

President of the National Olympic Committee Gagik Tsarukyan, who received the honorable presidency of sports, did everything to pass the main pan-Armenian event at the highest level.  The first opportunity of holding Armenian General Athletic union’s games was created in 2009, and only thanks to charity foundation of Gagik Tsarukyan after 4 years of a break it became possible to spend them in the historical homeland. On a long-awaited event to Armenia arrived more than 650 athletes from 20 countries of the world. After one week of ardent rivalry in 8 sports the names of winners became known. All winners won valuable prizes and awards from the president of NOC of Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan. Within one week the youth of the Armenian Diaspora not only got new communications and acquaintances, but also had an opportunity better to get acquainted with rich history of our country and its cultural heritage, newly discovering Armenia and its century traditions. Close cooperation between charity foundation and Armenian General Athletic union proceeds to this day, laying a way for new joint projects.

Support of scouts

The charity foundation works actively works for development of the scout movement in Armenia and establishments of active dialogue between scouts of various countries. On May 12, 2015 at a meeting of the president of ANOC, Gagik Tsarukyan and delegations headed by the secretary general of the World organization of a scout movement Scott Teare, the parties expressed readiness for active partnership and implementation of joint projects. Gagik Tsarukyan told to representatives of the World scout movement that as the president of the Olympic committee is ready to provide the support for the implementation of important projects. Emphasizing need of holding actions especially in Armenia, the leader of national sport allocated $100,000 for the World organization of a scout movement from charity foundation.

Financing gave the chance every year not only to hold one of the events of the organization in Armenia, but also to host in our country numerous scouts from the different countries of the world. It should be noted that the World organization of a scout movement is one of the largest organizations of the world and has more than 40 million scouts in the ranks. The movement seeks to level by 2023 their number to 100 million. At a meeting with Scott Teare Gagik Tsarukyan emphasized that considered important the mission of scout movement and its work especially in education of worthy and educated generation and declared about his readiness to support further projects. Representatives of the World scout movement expressed their gratitude to Gagik Tsarukyan for support and told that considered the president of National Olympic Committee the great friend.


Paying great attention to strengthening of ties between the Homeland and Diaspora and a question of preservation of the Armenian identity abroad, the charity foundation , provides big financial aid to the Armenian organizations of Diaspora in recent years.

In 2015, from 24 to 26 July at the invitation of Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia of Lebanon during the working visit, Gagik Tsarukyan stated that the Fund intends to continue to allocate significant resources for the implementation of pan-Armenian important programs. At the meeting with Aram I, which was also attended by the heads of the Lebanese and Berio Armenian Diocese and members of the Central Committee, catastrophic consequences of war over the last 5 years in Syria and big losses of the Armenian community were in detail presented. It was noted that especially Armenian schools faced serious problems.

Seen concern of attendees, Gagik Tsarukyan told that each Armenian should as far as possible help his compatriots and declared that the charity foundation would donate 500,000 US dollars to the Armenian community in Syria and the Great House of Cilicia. Aram I highly appreciated the benefactor ‘s act and said that they were well aware about extensive works of Gagik Tsarukyan not only in Armenia, but also in Diaspora, noting not casual the fact that Gagik Tsarukyan was so loved and enjoyed big authority among the Armenian community of Lebanon. In turn, Gagik Tsarukyan said that the Syrian community always was and continues to be in the center of its attention. During the visit to Lebanon Gagik Tsarukyan visited a building site of the National joint college in Beirut. The educational institution where in a year will have opportunity to get an education more than 1200 children, is under construction. Its purpose is to unite small educational institutions in Lebanon and to keep the Armenian identity. After the inspection of a building site and acquaintance with process of construction Gagik Tsarukyan, counted invaluable a role of the Armenian schools in the Arab country and declared, donated 100,000 dollars to the college with the aim to have his share of support in school construction. Gagik Tsarukyan also presented to school 500 books and sports forms. Afterwards, at the meeting with hundreds representatives of the Armenian community in Lebanon in the National Prelacy Gagik Tsarukyan declared that the Fund, finding important the preservation of the Armenian identity in Diaspora, is ready every year to give opportunity to 20 students from Armenian community in Lebanon study at Higher Education Institutes of Armenia assuming all financial expenses. Thanking Gagik Tsarukyan for unprecedented support, representatives of  the Armenian community expressed confidence this act of would be rotary in strengthening of ties between the Homeland and Diaspora


The charity foundation of Gagik Tsarukyan also doesn't remain indifferent to programs aimed at the development of the second Armenian state, Artsakh. Being convinced that each Armenian has to have the share of a contribution to Artsakh's development, Gagik Tsarukyan repeatedly expressed the support in the projects having key value for national economy. By the invitation of the president of NKR Bako Sahakyan, in 2014 having visited Artsakh and examined the current works in Araksavan's community in the southern part of the country, Gagik Tsarukyan noted that as the Armenian, considers a duty to take part in implementation of the program and promised serious financial support. Next day after the promise the charity foundation of Gagik Tsarukyan allocated 10,000 dollars to each family of a newly made community of Araksavan. And Niva cars and tractors allocated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and border troops intended for agriculture in Araksavan a few days later were sent to Artsakh. More than 2000 tons of cement was allocated for construction works in the community.


The charity fund of Gagik Tsarukyan, for a long time closely has cooperated with representatives of Kuwait Armenian community. Everything began in the spring of 2013 when the delegation of National Olympic Committee of Armenia headed by Gagik Tsarukyan, from March 30th to April 1st at the invitation of the president of the Association of National Olympic Committees, National Olympic Committee of Asia and National Olympic Committee of Kuwait, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah went to Kuwait. It was then that Gagik Tsarukyan visited the National Gymnasium of Kuwait founded in 1961 which is the only Armenian daily school of the Persian Gulf and the Arab countries and has more than 500 pupils. During warm welcome, pupils and managers of a gymnasium asked Gagik Tsarikyan to give the chance to several  pupils with high progress to visit Armenia on 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Gagik Tsarukyan immediately gave a positive answer. In 2015, from April 22nd to24th pupils and teachers of the gymnasium thanks to charity foundation of Gagik Tsarukyan were in the homeland. Within three days our compatriots from Kuwait had opportunity not only to see all sights Armenia and to get acquainted with rich cultural heritage of the country, but also to find new friends.

Children, many of which were in Armenia for the first time, also had opportunity to meet Gagik Tsarukyan and personally to express their gratitude for implementation of their long dream. In turn, Gagik Tsarukyan promised to support any initiative directed on strengthening of ties with the homeland.















National problems are possible to overcome only through unity


"I am so grateful to Mr. Tsarukyan to support our activities, that resulted in the creation of new works, concerts, young composers had the opportunity to present to the wide audience, " Levon Chaushyan, "Armenian Music Forum" founder, Composer, Honored Art ...
Levon Chaushyan

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