Youth is one of the most important pillars of our society. The problems of scientific education have always been in the focus of “Gagik Tsarukyan” Charity Foundation. Remaining faithful to the principles of its activities, our  Charity Foundation announces “Gagik Tsarukyan” annual scholarship competition.

All students from higher educational institutions of the RA who have good academic performance, are unilateral/bilateral orphans or represent socially vulnerable families can take part in the competition. Financing priority will be given to those who have participated in international conferences, competitions, and who have made scientific publications in 2016-2017.

 Applications may be submitted until November  1  at Admiral Isakov 9 or [email protected]

 List of Required Documents:

  1. copy of passport or identification card,
  2. an official document, which will include the applicant's latest GPA or submit a progress report.

Additional Documents:

  1. death certificate of a parent / parents,
  2. a document on the social status of the family.


G. Tsarukyan's support to the families of dead freedom fighters and people with hearing problems


"I am so grateful to Mr. Tsarukyan to support our activities, that resulted in the creation of new works, concerts, young composers had the opportunity to present to the wide audience, " Levon Chaushyan, "Armenian Music Forum" founder, Composer, Honored Art ...
Levon Chaushyan