Gagik Tsarukyan was born on November 25, in 1956, in the village Arinj, Kotayk Marz, Republic of Armenia.

In 1989, he graduated from the Armenian State Institute of Physical Education. He gained triumphal achievements in Sport. In 1996 he became the World Arm-Wrestling Champion, and in 1998 he won in the European Championship.

Since 2004, Gagik Tsarukyan has been the President of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia. Armenian sportsmen have recorded excellent results in the European and World Championships with his supremacy in recent years. Armenian sportsmen have won six Olympic medals in Beijing Olympic Games, in 2008. In 1990-2000ss Gagik Tsarukyan has been engaged in the business, becoming one of the prominent figures of Armenia in this field. In 1990-1992ss he has been the Executive Director of Armenia Company.

Gagik Tsarukyan has founded in multi branch "Multi Group" Concern in 1995, comprising around 40 companies. In general, there are more than 20 000 employees in those organizations. Gagik Tsarukyan has started his political activities since 2002.
In 2003, he has been elected to the National Assembly, and in 2004 he has founded the "Prosperous Armenia" Party. In 2007, Prosperous Armenia participated in parliamentary elections for the first time and formed the second largest party in the National Assembly. In the ruling coalition government the Prosperous Armenia Party has headed the political posts of Sports and Youth, Employment and Social Affairs, Health and Urban Development Ministries. In the 2012 parliamentary elections "Prosperous Armenia" with the leadership of Gagik Tsarukyan received more than 450 thousand of our compatriots vote, becoming the second largest faction with 37 deputies in Parliament. After After the 2012 parliamentary elections, Prosperous Armenia Party refused to enter the ruling coalition. Gagik Tsarukyan has been the President of Prosperous Armenia Party headed until March 5, 2015. The Prosperous Armenia Party has convened an extraordinary congress on March 5 and its President Gagik Tsarukyan has announced his resignation as head of the party.

Gagik Tsarukyan is known for its large-scale humanitarian projects. Gagik Tsarukyan charitable foundation has started to work since 2000. During this period the Fund's strategic priorities are the church building, support to educational institutions and encouragement of youth initiatives, assistance to vulnerable social groups, sponsoring of Pan-Armenian programs, community development programs, honoring of Science, Arts, Culture and Sports well-known persons, comprehensive supporting of Physical Education and Sports fields.

Gagik Tsarukyan is married with 6 children.


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