Social programs

The charity foundation attaches special significance to social programs and from the first day of creation keeps in the center of the attention problems of different sectors of society. Within 15 years of activity the fund carried out large-scale social programs both in Yerevan, and in all territory of the country. The fund has always paid special attention to the frontier regions of Armenia helping them and the solution of existing there numerous problems has been obligatory for it. For example, the reconstruction of  many houses and roofs damaged from firing, placement of water pipes and the donation of agricultural equipment to all border areas and not only. Healthcare action held in 2012, in June in all the border villages of Tavush region was one of the most anticipated due to which many people from different areas were able not only to consult and examine, but also get a referral to the capital to get free treatment and operation. Children living in remote and border areas also didn't remain unattended. Considering important to create equal conditions for children in border areas, charitable fund over the years gave various stationery and sports equipment to schools and kindergartens.


Charitable Foundation also donates tangible financial resources for the development of agriculture in our country. For a long time on means of foundation multi-scale program was carried out in different settlements of Armenia. One of the large-scale programs is the creation of machine-tractor stations in 10 regions of the state. The construction began in 2012 when Gagik Tsarukyan, having visited CHINVAN factory in Vanadzor, declared that on means of fund in the most possible short deadlines all areas of the state will have the machine-tractor stations equipped with the modern equipment which will serve the people.

Shortly after the announcement of Gagik Tsarukyan, the old machinery from the Soviet Union has been replaced by hundreds of modern, high-quality tractors and agricultural machinery, which at the request of Gagik Tsarukyan, up to 50 percent of applied prices serve all farmers, regardless of party affiliation. Foundation for many years multilaterally also has helped the winemakers of Ararat and Armavir regions. High-quality fertilizer, medicines and fuel which are annually given out for rather low market price became the real rescue for thousands of farmers, and free consultation of skilled experts an exact compass for uncertain questions. Taking in account the a request of numerous farmers, in recent years fund has also provided to many wine makers supporting columns for vineyards which allow not only to keep a grapes crop, but also to create new vineyards, thus increasing the income of farmers and providing their annual accommodation. Charitable Foundation , extending assistance in the agricultural field, in recent years has provided significant funds for placing anti-hail stations in more than two dozen areas of the state.

In the spring of 2013, when sudden, heavy hail caused great damage to Armavir region, Gagik Tsarukyan was the first who hurried to meet with farmers suffered from the hail and stated that the sum of medicines and fertilizers costing more than 200 million drams, winemakers will no longer have to pay. At the same time Gagik Tsarukyan ordered to build anti-hail stations as soon as possible in the most damaged villages of Armavir region, in Hatcik, Bambakashat, Nor Artagers, Armavir and Mrgashat. The task was solved before the expected term, 2 weeks later in noted villages were built anti-hail stations and at their launching ceremony Gagik Tsarukyan was also present. Keeping constantly in the center of its attention the problems of farmers and taking in consideration the numerous requests of inhabitants, fund has provided a large number of potato and wheaten seeds, and also an agricultural thread to thousands farmers living in different areas of the state thus sharing their heavy burden and giving opportunity to earn on annual housing.

Health care

Charitable Foundation from the first days of its activity attached great importance to the health of our population. One of the successfully implemented large-scale programs was free Healthcare campaign implemented in the entire state over the years. Thousands of residents of Yerevan, remote and border regions of Armenia due to the fund had an opportunity to restore the most precious, the health.

From a free medical examination to consultation, and not only, thousands of people who had more serious health problems were sent to the capital, and with the help of the best specialists of the medical center Erebuni were able to recover and even to be operated.

The fund has also helped to the citizens of Yerevan. For many years the public health action has been organized for the residents of all administrative districts of the city, many of them could restore the lost health. Both in all regions of the country, and in Yerevan, thousands of people with vision problems after obtaining the appropriate diagnosis received optical glasses.


Foundation << Gagik Tsarukyan >> attaches particular importance to the program of rehabilitation of the disaster zone. Revival and development of the country's second largest city, Gyumri, has always been and remains one of the most important issues facing the Fund. In recent years, thanks to financing of fund many problems of paramount value were solved in Gyumri.Given the economic situation in the country and the difficult social conditions of survivors of the earthquake in Gyumri only with 2013-2014, Gagik Tsarukyan’s charitable foundation has allocated 105 billion drams to families living in temporary housing in Gyumri.

Increasing the assistance aimed to the development of Gyumri, in 2010, the foundation gave the city 10 units of agricultural machinery and 10 garbage trucks, which still are used in agricultural work and improvement of the city. The Fund has also allocated 15 million drams for the improvement and landscaping of the neighborhood of the local church , which for decades was in inconsolable condition. The help to the second city of the country thus isn't limited. The fund also finances the construction of the State sports college of the Olympic reserve in Gyumri.

In 2011 during the visit to Gyumri on 25th anniversary of school, Gagik Tsarukyan didn't remain indifferent to bad conditions of school, having promised that after a while the fallen wooden designs will be replaced with completely new base equipped with modern conveniences. Today the most part of the construction is completed. The next step are the interior works. Gyumri which is considered the cradle of champions will soon have a brand new, conforming to the international standards sports base. Gagik Tsarukyan suggested naming the gyms after famous athletes of Gyumri. As he promised this year will be fully rebuilt Sport School, where trains world and European champion Arthur Aleksanyan.

Socially dysfunctional families and vulnerable groups of society

Within 15 years of the activity the charity foundation consistently helps different sectors of society, paying special attention to vulnerable groups of our population, especially to elderly people, pensioners, orphan children, socially poor families and disabled people.

Over the past years fund has given notable help to much of them since a question of employment, a tuition fee, free medical care and operations to the most different questions demanding the financial decision. For a long time, many veterans of the World War II have received pensions from Fund. The fund also helps socially poor families of our country to solve the problems exciting them. And the free transport on means of the fund during 15 years has helped thousands of people to get to Yerevan from Abovyan.




National problems are possible to overcome only through unity


“Charitable activities of Gagik Tsarukyan Charity Fund are a huge support for representatives of Arts. We know many benefactors that sponsored Arts in the history. And nowadays benefactor Gagik Tsarukyan has undertaken this mission", Anahit Nersisyan, Armenian ...
Anahit Nersisyan

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