Led by Gagik Tsarukyan, the Tsarukyan Family began their charity in the late 90s. At first, they began charitable work in Arinj, in their native village continuing it in the city of Abovyan, and then throughout the country.

The charity foundation received the state registration in 2003.

The fund at once became the unique and the largest resource in Armenia which has launched a number of important, lasting, and before not undertaken projects. During this period, the main activities of fund have been church construction, support of educational institutions and encouragement of youth initiatives, support of socially unprotected groups, sponsoring of projects of Pan-Armenian importance, programs for community development, worship famous people in the field of science, arts, sport, full support to spheres of physical training and sport.

The list of social projects of fund is extensive. They were developed in view of needs of different social groups both in the capital, and in other regions. For many years, numerous large-scale projects which included all country were carried out. There are charitable buses, hundreds of vehicles which free of charge transport students and needing people in different regions of the country.

There have been also carried out projects in health care, from preventive examinations to expensive operations. Residents of all regions have had the opportunity to diagnose and get free treatment from the best specialist of the country.

The fund carries out a variety of programs which are directed on regional sports schools and sports clubs, including the improvement of gyms’ conditions. For many years, the fund covers tuition fees of students in the Armenian Higher Education Institutions.

The Tsarukyan Family considers especially important the construction of churches. Already 7 churches have been were constructed at the initiative of the family.

Most of the educational and cultural projects were carried out in the framework of the program "Perspective" of charitable foundation . Through this educational and cultural project many young musicians, students, and participants in international festivals, musical programs and competitions receive financial support.

With assistance of the fund schoolchildren, young musicians and many others had opportunity to present themselves and their country at international school Olympiads and musical competitions.

The fund grants annual fellowships to students with high academic progress in Higher Education Institutions.

Helps educational institutions, schools, universities on acquisition of modern technologies.

Supports interesting and innovative ideas in the field of culture, science and education.

It is the brief overview of the fund . In own way this is the only large-scale charitable resource available and transparent for all citizens of RA. The fund knows his wards, understands their needs and cares, at the same time looks for ways of development, welcomes initiatives and innovations, moves to a foot with time and serves only good.






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"I am so grateful to Mr. Tsarukyan to support our activities, that resulted in the creation of new works, concerts, young composers had the opportunity to present to the wide audience, " Levon Chaushyan, "Armenian Music Forum" founder, Composer, Honored Art ...
Levon Chaushyan

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