Financing of educational and youth programs and initiatives

Giving importance to the role of the educated and comprehensively developed students and young people in development of the state Gagik Tsarukyan pays special attention to financing of educational programs. In 2006 Gagik Tsarukyan stated that a fund in the amount of 100 thousand dollars will be established for paying education fees of socially disadvantaged students with high achievers.(individual contributions were made in different universities).
Besides, many students from different educational institutions get Gagik Tsarukyan's grants. By Gagik Tsarukyan's sponsorship students from the different cities of the country free of charge reach to Yerevan by buses.

The fund regularly organizes conferences and seminars, thematic exhibitions devoted to youth questions. Among priorities is the opening and the advance of young talents in various areas. In 2009 Gagik Tsarukyan allocated 100 thousand dollars to the main university of Armenia, the Yerevan state university, paying educational fees of socially disadvantaged students. Another 10 million have been allocated for the University Haybusak. Also large-scale events were organized on the occasion of 17th anniversary of the Army and the International Day of students. In addition, a workshop was acquired in the center of Paris, where students can receive free training in the culture field.
From the first day of activity Gagik Tsarukyan paid special attention to the younger generation and considered important to trust youth responsible spheres and its self-realization in the homeland. During frequent meetings Gagik Tsarukyan was personally acquainted with the problems disturbing young people and found desirable solutions for them, since an employment problem to free transport, from the education fees, fellowships and grants to the encouraging awards and various educational programs. It isn't casual that for many years the 17th of November, together with thousands of young people  Gagik Tsarukyan celebrates the International day of students and the best of them personally awards nominal grants of charity foundation.

In recent years thanks to the fund many large projects were realized in which thousands of young people not only from Armenia, but also from many countries of the world actively take part. After successfully held International Youth Educational Forum of the CIS in 2011 in Tsaghkadzor, the International Innovation Forum was held. It had no analogs in the region and was attended by more than 600 young people from different regions of the CIS and 15Baltic countries. As a result were acquired not only new communications and acquaintances, but also exchange of experience and knowledge, healthy discussions, own and courageous decisions on different questions. This initiative is the beginning of effective cooperation between young people of different nationalities. With assistance of fund for years many young people of our country have had an opportunity to take part at the annual International youth Forum held in the Tver region, in the Russian Federation. The event, which is attended by 1,000 young people from around the world, makes it possible not only to establish new contacts and acquaintances, but also meet with leading experts, politicians and influential persons of different areas for several days. During the Forum, young people take part in various seminars, conferences and trainings thus acquiring new knowledge and enhancing the prospects of cooperation.

The initiatives taken by charity foundation which also involve hundreds of young people are numerous and various. Many of them taken from the first year of activity ,with great success continue to this day, having become a good tradition. New Year, day of Saint Sargis, March 8, April 7, the Last call, May 28, June are the holydays which thanks to fund for many years have given a smile and memorable moments to thousands of people.







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